Canadian Mennonite University
Canadian Mennonite University is the result of inter-Mennonite cooperation in higher education which amalgamated three colleges: Mennonite Brethren Bible College/Concord College; Canadian Mennonite Bible College; and Menno Simons College. 

La Fortaleza
Colegio Particular Evangélico Anabautista. La Fortaleza

The La Fortaleza School, which now has over 700 students from Kindergarten through High School, offers a high level of Biblically-based academic training to students in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The LIEAB Conference, La Iglesia Evangélica Anabautista en Bolivia, an autonomous conference of Spanish speaking churches that resulted from EMMC ministry efforts, provides administrative expertise and direction for the school.

Inter-Mennonite Chaplaincy Association 
This is a partnership of three Mennonite church conferences working together to provide a Mennonite presence and chaplain on the University of Manitoba campus. The church conferences involved in this association are EMMC , EMC and Mennonite Church Manitoba.
EMMC Reps- Len Loewen, Morrow Gospel Winnipeg, Jon Schmidt- Niverville Community Fellowship

Steinbach Bible College
SBC is an Evangelical Anabaptist college committed to training men and women to serve God in the church and society since 1936. SBC is governed by the Christian Mennonite Conference, Evangelical Mennonite Conference, Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference and more recently the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba by appointing representatives to the Cabinet which gives direction to the College.
EMMC Reps-  – Darrell Dyck, Steinbach MB; Kellin Friesen, Altona MB; Darrell Kehler, Niverville MB

Steinreich Bibelschule (SBS)
SBS is a Bible School in Chihuahua, Mexico focused on discipleship with Low German speaking Mennonites for evangelism and ministry. Diedrich Harms, Leadership Developer / Evangelist, is actively involved in teaching and recruiting students for the school.

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