Abundance Canada (formerly Mennonite Foundation of Canada) 
Abundance Canada is a public charitable foundation for people of faith, making giving joyful and easy since 1974. Abundance Canada is donor-advised, providing guidance, tax information and tools to help you support the causes you care about most. EMMC provides representatives to their board of directors and encourages churches and individuals to interact with the services Abundance Canada provides.
EMMC Rep- Jacob Friesen, Morrow Gospel Church

African Inter-Mennonite Mission is an Evangelical Anabaptist missionary partnership through which African, North American, and European churches and individuals are working together to further God’s mission.
EMMC Rep- Lyn Dyck, Executive Director

CMC Logo
Christian Mennonite Conference (formerly Chortitzer Mennonite Conference) (CMC)
The Christian Mennonite Conference is a group of evangelical Anabaptist churches in Western Canada. The conference consists of 10 congregations in Western Canada. 
CMC is one of the partners in tri-conference activities.
Bishop- David Reimer

Conferencia Misionera Evangelica
 (CME) – John Froese, El Valle MX

Church planting efforts in Mexico North have matured and become their own conference. EMMC maintains a close connection through Evangelical Mennonite Conference missionaries. As a conference, EMMC continues to help in many practical ways.


Eden Foundation/ Eden Healthcare 
The Eden organization together with other faith communities is a publicly funded facility which is owned and sponsored by the Mennonite community. In all that we do we strive to follow the example of Christ who healed the sick, comforted the sorrowful and welcomed the outcast.
EMMC Reps- Mary Driedger, Steve Voth, Ruth Wiebe.

Evangelical Bergthaler Mennonite Conference (EBMC)
EMMC partners with EBMC (Alberta) in mission efforts in Bolivia.

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada was formed by a group of pastors in 1964. Today, the EFC affiliates include denominations, ministry organizations, educational institutions and individual congregations who promote fellowship, cooperation and a united voice to media and government. The EFC also has more than 15,000 supporting individuals. The Executive Director of EMMC is a representative to their board of directors.

Evangelical Mennonite Conference
A conference of 62 churches averaging 7700 worshippers in five provinces ministering in about two dozen countries. EMMC partners and resources with EMC in ministries and Steinbach Bible College. EMC is one of three partners in Tri-Conference activities.
General Secretary- Tim Dyck

Kanadier Mennonite Concerns Committee – Allen Kehler, Winnipeg MB

Inter-Mennonite Chaplaincy Association 
This is a partnership of three Mennonite church conferences working together to provide a Mennonite presence and chaplain on the University of Manitoba campus. The church conferences involved in this association are EMMC , EMC and Mennonite Church Manitoba.
EMMC Reps- Len Loewen, Morrow Gospel Winnipeg, Jon Schmidt- Niverville Community Chapel.

Impacto JCV
Radio ministry in Mexico

La Iglesia Evangélica Anabautista en Bolivia (LIEAB)
A group of churches in Bolivia that are made up of Bolivian nationals was initially started because of EMMC outreach in the 1970s. Indigenous, Spanish speaking Bolivian churches have now formed their own conference and provide their own leadership. EMMC continues to work closely as support opportunities arise.

Meetinghouse Gathering
This is a consortium of Anabaptist publications in USA and Canada. EMMC's Communication Coordinator- Lil Goertzen is a member on behalf of The Recorder.

Mennonite Central Committee
Canada (MCC) 
Mennonite Central Committee is a global, non-profit organization that strives to share God’s love and compassion through relief, development and peace building. The needs of local partners and churches guide program priorities. EMMC provides representative to the board of directors.
EMMC Reps- Dick Plett, Winkler EMMC, Maggie Bergen- Altona EMMC

Mennonite Disaster Service
Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) is the disaster-relief agency of Mennonite churches in Canada, the United States and their territories. MDS currently involves more than 3,000 Mennonite, Amish and Brethren in Christ churches and districts.
EMMC provides regional representation to their organization.


Mennonite World Conference
This is a community of Anabaptist related Churches linked to one another in a worldwide community of faith for fellowship, worship, service and witness. EMMC shares representation to their North American board of directors with EMC.

InterAct Ministries
 Formerly Midway Christian Leadership
InterAct Ministries joined with Mid-Way Christian Leadership a not for profit organization based in Thompson, Manitoba in 2016. MCL's focus has been on establishing churches and other ministries in Northern Manitoba within the First Nations Communities. The ministry runs a Bible camp and provides life coaching for youth and adults. Joining with InterAct Ministries allows the ministry in Northern Manitoba to be part of their ministries. InterAct Ministries exists to make disciples among least-reached peoples in cooperation with like-minded churches and organizations. EMMC has missionaries with InterAct. 

MEM Logo
Misión Evangélica Menonita (MEM)
MEM is an umbrella organization that is a partnership of EMMC and EBMC ministering in Bolivia. MEM is involved in education, evangelism and discipleship, community development, and counselling. EMMC partners by sending work teams and resources to minister in Bolivia. Some of their outreach activities are Unidad Educativa Brillante in the Hacienda Verde community; Unidad Educativa in Villa Nueva; Casa de la Amistad, a ministry center near San Jose; and the Evanjeelische Mennoniten Jemeent Church in Villa Nueva.

Red de Iglesias Misioneras Internacionales (RIMI)
is a faith-based network focused on connecting and developing missional leaders in the Americas and South East Asia.

Seminario por Extensión Teológico a las Américas
SETA is an Advanced Biblical and Theological Training School used extensively to train pastors and leaders in Bolivian churches.  This project helps to make this powerful theological training tool accessible to leaders in both remote and urban settings.

Tri Conference 
Tri Conference is a grouping of conferences in order to share resources and work together on projects. The conferences are: Evangelical Mennonite Conference, EMMC and Christian Mennonite Conference.