the EMMC Artroom is a collaboration group for creative people with the EMMC creating media for the Conference, it’s churches and related ministries. Requests for help or critique on projects are welcome. The EMMC will occasionally open up projects for people to offer their creative abilities. This site is for all kinds of creative kingdom work, writing books, videos, print media, brochures, websites, promotional material, painting, needle point, etc. Click the following button to request to join our group and become a part of the EMMC’s creative team!

Media Guides

These documents are designed to help give direction to our art team as well as for those who gather material such as articles, photographs, and video. Overall they are designed to clarify the intention of media and also improve the quality of our content. The EMMC Artroom is the pen in which our missionaries, ministries and staff share the stories of what God is doing in their area. Media guides are here to help that story be told clearly and engage as many viewers as possible. Click on any of the images below to open up the PDF document.