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Bolivia Spanish Ministry

EMMC missions outreach into Bolivia began in the late 1960s. What started as a work among Low German Mennonite people migrated into a work that included outreach to Bolivian nationals. In the following decades that ministry to Spanish speakers has grown into what is today known as LIEAB, La Iglesia Evangélica Anabautista en Bolivia. LIEAB currently consists of over a dozen churches primarily in the Santa Cruz area of the country. It is mostly an autonomous conference with a deep and continuing appreciation for EMMC and the workers that have been a part of their spiritual journey. 

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LIEAB (La Iglesia Evangélica Anabautista en Bolivia) strives to grow leadership from the inside having a number of youth and College and Career age leadership development programs that include youth from other Latin countries. LIEAB leadership is committed to an aggressive church growth program with a goal of planting churches in every Bolivian department (province) in the next few years.


La Fortaleza School in Santa Cruz Bolivia is administered by LIEAB. Annually over 700 students get the opportunity for a quality education that changes lives.

 SETA (Seminario por Extensión Teológico a las Américas) is an arm of LIEAB distributing and administering S.E.A.N. materials in Spanish to train pastors and leaders in Bolivian churches.  Annually several hundred students take part in this theological training by extension program, available even in remote regions.

 Campamento Chorovi. This is where the EMMC work initially began in Bolivia. What was formerly a clinic and ministry centre is now being developed into a multi-use retreat facility run by LIEAB. The LIEAB vision for Chorovi is that it will be used by many organisations for teaching and training purposes.

 RIMI, or La Red de Iglesias Misioneras Internacionales, is another ministry connected with the LIEAB organisation. This international missions outreach program came about as the result of LIEAB sending one of their own leaders as a missionary to Mexico City some years ago. It involves an annual missions conference involving up to a dozen mostly Spanish speaking pastors and missionaries from various countries.

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LIEAB- Trinidad Church Plant