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The CME Conference (Conferencia Misionera Evangélica) is a relatively young group of churches in Mexico. These congregations have come about largely as the result of ministry work over the last decades by pastors and leaders from the EMMC and the EMC conferences. Today the CME includes a number of churches in the Cuauhtémoc and Durango areas. They have a strong desire to see others in their communities find hope in the message of the Gospel. There is a good relationship between the leadership of the CME and the EMMC with discussions going on about how further outreach can be done in the years to come.


Steinreich Bible School

A Bible School in Low German? Who would study there? Well, it seems quite a few people. Each year between January and March some 300 students register for classes at Steinreich Bible School. Eager learners come from Paraguay, Bolivia, Belize, Canada, the United States and the Cuauhtémoc area and other regions of Mexico. EMMC supports the training and developing of future leaders. Long-time evangelist and counselor Diedrich Harms and his wife Judy are an important part of the staff providing promotion for the school and mentoring for the students. Some salary support for the Harms’ and financial help in the form of a missions scholarship comes from EMMC.

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