Harold and Wendi are co-founders of Forever Families of Canada, a new charitable networking ministry based in Winnipeg that connects, equips and mobilizes Canadian churches in caring for vulnerable children and their families. They never imagined being so passionate about foster care, family restoration and adoption until they heard the Gospel preached in Korea and both were awoken to the same dream that night, leading them to quit their jobs to follow what God was calling them to. Harold serves as Director of Family Care, currently completing his doctoral degree in Marriage & Family Therapy through Denver Seminary with a specialization in resiliency of Christian adoptive parents. Wendi serves as Executive Director, spending the majority of her time connecting and equipping churches across Canada, building bridges with government and social services, and discovering innovative ways to mobilize churches to respond to child-welfare needs. Harold and Wendi are currently parenting three children who consider themselves partners in the ministry, and frequently have others who call their place home for a season. Their common interests include schmontfatt and veranika, sushi, and African children's music.