Short-term Missions Policy and Application Form

If you are a member of an EMMC church and are planning a short term mission trip (one week to less than one year in length) you may be eligible to receive funding from the EMMC. Please consult the policy below for more information. Applications must be submitted three months before funding will be required.

Short term ministry preparation and de-briefing:

Short-term mission trips are not only popular, with resources readily available they are increasingly possible. Careful planning and research before you leave, and intentional reflection after arriving back home are crucial factors to help you and your team members get the most value out of such an experience both during the time of service and as a lasting impact.

The EMMC missions program has some resources to suggest. Then there is some assistance in the form of finances available for individual team members to access to help with the cost. In addition to this support you can request a resource person to help participants in the preparation and debriefing process. Some funding is available to help you in this essential aspect of short-term missions effectiveness.

As you start the planning process contact the EMMC Missions Director for more details, and especially on how to access this practical, and crucial resource to ensure you get the desired results from the missions experience.

Short-term Ministry Policy: Click Here

Short-term Missions Application: Click Here