Submission Guidelines for
EMMC Recorder

The Recorder is published bi-monthly by the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference (EMMC). As a vehicle of communication within the Conference, it strives
  • to keep members of the EMMC informed about congregational life within conference churches
  • to inspire interest and commitment to world missions
  • to facilitate dialogue on relevant faith and life issues
  • to stimulate spiritual growth
  • to communicate EMMC visions
  • to contribute toward a sense of Christian community and fellowship within the conference
  • to inform members of major events and developments within the larger Anabaptist community and the greater Christian world beyond our borders.
However, opinions expressed in The Recorder are not necessarily those of the Conference as a whole.

Letters, articles and photos are welcomed but The Recorder will only publish materials considered edifying to readers and reserves editorial rights to improve communication and adjust the length of submissions. All submissions, including photos will be retained by The Recorder unless a return is specifically requested.

The Recorder is sent free of charge to all EMMC members and attenders who request it, as well as other persons interested in receiving it. The Recorder is a member of Meetinghouse Gathering, an association of Mennonite and Brethren in Christ publications. It is also a member of Canadian Church Press.

Recorder Address:

EMMC, 757 St. Anne’s Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2N 4G6
Phone: (204) 253-7929 | Fax: (204) 256-7384 | website: www.emmc.ca
E-mail: recorder@emmc.ca for Recorder related information


Writers Guidelines

  • maximum of 1,200 words for lead article ($120 honorarium)
  • include biography that outlines connection to church / faith community, any other writing relating to faith
  • include color photo head and shoulder shot. Please provide mailing address
  • articles must be faith based
  • for our complete Confession of Faith, please visit www.emmc.ca
  • Brief notes are included within the text, not as footnotes.
Bible references:
  • To help new believers, books of Scripture are written out in full in reference notes (Romans rather than Rom.).
  • The audience is generally, but not exclusively, EMMC members and adherents with a range of educational and cultural backgrounds.
  • It is important that articles be respectful in tone to other parts of the Church and to people of a different opinion. Non-Christians do read the magazine.
  • $25.00 honorarium
  • The Recorder will pay honoraria after the piece has been published

Should you have further questions, please contact:
Lil Goertzen, Communication Coordinator
(204) 253-7929 or lilg@emmc.ca