We believe that sin is a rejection of God’s rule, beginning with the rebellion of Satan and followed by Adam and Eve’s deliberate choice to disobey God. Because of sin everyone has fallen short of God’s will, creating a conflict with God, self, and others. The penalty for sin is physical and spiritual death.

Sin. The dignity of all persons contrasts starkly with the depths of human sin. The sin of Adam and Eve constituted rebellion against the rule of God. With one subversive act all humanity plunged into the grip of sin. Sinful thoughts, feelings, and actions fail to follow God’s direction. Sin twists human relationships, leaving us with broken communities. Sin is a powerful influence that tempts us to make choices contrary to God’s will.

Ge 3:1-24; Dt 28:1, 15, 38-48; Lev 19:2; Ps 51; Jer 31:30; Ro 5:12-14; 7:16-25

Angels and Satan. We share the world with spiritual beings that influence our moral choices. Angels were created to serve in God’s court, send God’s messages, fight evil powers, and minister to the saints. Demons rebel against God by seeking to enslave the world with evil. Satan is the leading adversary of God. Satan’s kingdom of darkness attempts to conquer God’s kingdom of light through lies, destruction, and death.

Isa 6:1-8; Da 10:12-14; Mt 12:28-29; 2 Co 4:4; 10:3-6; 11:14-15; Col 1:16; Heb 1:14; Jas 4:7; 1 Pe 5:8-9; Rev 5:11; 12:7-12

Fall of Humans. In seeking to be wise like God, Adam and Eve became foolish. In the desire for freedom from God’s law, humans became enslaved. In seeking to rise higher as reflections of God’s glory, we fell away. Our image and likeness of God was blemished through selfishness. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Ge 3:14-19; 11:1-9; Isa 53:6; Jer 17:9; Ro 3:23; 5:12; 6:23

Consequences of Sin. God’s holy anger toward sin is revealed by the severe judgement of sin. Sin breaks our relationship with God and exchanges true freedom for slavery. Human relationships become battlegrounds of pride, selfishness, separation, hostility, violence, and death. Inwardly people are damaged by feelings of shame, fear, loneliness and harmful cravings. Work in a hostile land becomes painful and tedious. The sinner has received the guilty verdict and awaits eternal death. Without God as our refuge, we are homeless wanderers in need of grace. Still, God offers unexpected mercy toward the sinner.

Ge 3:6-23; 4:13-16; Ro 1:18-32; 5:12-14; 6:23; 7:14-24

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