We believe in God the Holy Spirit who gives new life to all who have placed their faith in Christ. The Spirit, who indwells believers, continues to comfort, empower, gift, guide, and unite them to fulfil the mission of the church.

God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God from all eternity. The Spirit brings glory to the Son and Father in the Trinity. Through the inspired writers of Scripture, the Spirit reveals the mysteries of God. As the one who is making all things new, the Spirit often works in surprising ways. We are blessed with the Holy Spirit whose thoughts, feelings, and actions relate personally to us. We bring glory to God when we acknowledge the Spirit’s presence and power working in the world.

Ps 139:7-10; Jn 16:13-15; Ac 5:3-4; Ro 8:14, 26; 2 Ti 3:16; Eph 4:30; Heb 9:14

Giver of Life. The spirit of God swept over the waters at creation. God’s breath gave life to Adam. The Spirit of God made his presence known to Israel. Old Testament prophets anticipated when God’s Spirit would give birth to a new people in the new covenant. When the time was fulfilled, Mary conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit raised Jesus from the dead. The Spirit descended upon the disciples at Pentecost creating the church. The Spirit has the power to regenerate persons dead in sin. At conversion, the Spirit baptises the individual, who becomes alive to God, and enters into a new way of living. Through prayer and receptivity to the Spirit, we may experience continuing revival.

Ge 1:2; 2:7; Job 33:4; Ps 104:30; 139:7 Joel 2:28-29; Lk 1:35; Jn 3:3-8; Ac 2:1-4; Ro 8:11-17, 26-27; Eph 1:13; Tit 3:5

Indwelling Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God in us. The Spirit empowered godly saints, priests, kings, and prophets in Israel for service. The Spirit descended on Jesus at baptism and empowered him for his mission. Jesus gave the Spirit to his disciples for continuing his mission in the world. All believers have received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as a gift of the new creation.

Mt 3:11-16; 4:1; Lk 4:16-21; 11:13; 12:12; Jn 20:22; Ro 8:15-17

The Spirit’s Work. The Holy Spirit represented the presence of Jesus on earth after his ascension into heaven. Pentecost marked the outpouring of the Spirit to all people. The Spirit actively convicts the world of sin, calls for return to God, reveals the word of God, and enables people to respond to God’s call. The Spirit baptises all believers into the body of Christ. He gives new life to believers, adopts us into God’s family, and frees us from the hold of sin. The continual filling of the Spirit empowers us to live according to God’s purposes. The Spirit enters into our struggle so that we may persevere in living the good news of salvation. The Spirit blesses the church with spiritual gifts. We exercise all gifts in a manner that recognises the authority of the Scripture and the common good of the church.

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