We believe in the return and reign of Jesus Christ, the final resurrection, the judgement of the unrighteous in hell and the eternal reward of the righteous in heaven.

Return of Christ. Jesus promised that he would return in the same manner as he ascended into heaven. The return of Jesus Christ is our confident hope based on his promises. All nations will witness this visible and public event. The return of Jesus Christ could happen at any time. While the signs pointing to this event include cosmic and social disturbances, still we are cautioned not to be preoccupied with setting dates. Believers are encouraged to persevere and live holy lives in expectation of the return of Jesus Christ. When Christ returns he will destroy the works of evil, establish a kingdom of righteousness, and reign as Lord in that kingdom.

Mt 24; Mk 13; Lk 21; Jn 14:3; Ac 1:11; 2 Pe 3:10-14; Rev 1:7-8

Final Resurrection. The last enemy will be defeated as God raises all people from the dead. God gave us a preview of the final victory over death by raising Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our future hope. For the believer, the final resurrection is the completion of salvation. Since we are united with Christ, his resurrected life provides eternal life for us. Our physical bodies will be transformed into spiritual bodies like the body of Christ. Believers who die are secure in the presence of God. Unbelievers who die are resurrected to face judgement.

Da 12:1-3; Jn 5:24-29; 1 Co 15:1-58; 2 Co 5:1-10; Php 1:19-26; 2 Th 1:5-2:12; 4:16; Rev 20:4-5

Judgement of Unrighteous. The day of judgement occurs at the end of the age. God will determine the final destiny of humanity and spiritual beings. The heavenly Father entrusts the judgement to Jesus Christ. The basis of our judgement depends upon what we have done with the gift of salvation given to us in Christ. The unrighteous will spend eternity separated from God’s presence. These persons along with Satan, demons, and death, will be eternally consigned to Hell.

Mt 10:28; 25:31-46; Lk 16:19-31; Jn 5:22; Ro 2:5-11; Rev 20:7-15; 21:8

Reward of Righteous. On the day of judgement, the Lord Jesus Christ will reward all believers for their faith in, and obedience to God. All whose names are in the Book of Life will enjoy God’s presence forever. On that day God will make a new creation where heaven and earth will unite in paradise regained. The faithful will experience perfect fellowship with Christ, in the glorious presence of God, and life everlasting through the Spirit’s blessings. Hallelujah!

Mt 25:21-23; Ro 14:10-12; I Co 3:11-15; 2 Co 5:6-10; 2 Pe 3:10-13; Rev 19:6-9; 21:1-27; 22:1-5

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