Supporting Leaders for Tomorrow

Supporting Leaders for Tomorrow

Bursaries for our students

It’s time to open our eyes…to the potential! Discipleship and education are key to building leaders of tomorrow. In 2017-2018 to date, we have handed out $28,500 in scholarships and bursaries to 40 students. Students who have gone on to work in our churches, our ministries and returned to our communities sharing the love of God, and becoming instruments of transformation in the areas they have been called to serve. Our Education and Training funds are steadily dwindling. We need your help to continue to build into our future leaders! Do you SEE the need?
YOUR DONATIONS to the Education and Training Fund MAKES THIS HAPPEN!

Will you participate with us and give generously to making disciples and building leaders locally, nationally and globally?
Please pray about how you could help!

  • $25 monthly or a one-time gift of $300 provides opportunities for church Leaders to be resourced and equipped to serve in our churches in Canada and beyond.
  • $50 monthly or a one-time gift of $600 provides bursaries to students attending post-secondary institutions. Help us build into our future leaders.
  • $100 monthly or a one-time gift of $1,200 allows a parent in Bolivia to send their child to get a quality Christian education. Help us give a hand up to a generation of difference-makers.

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