Low German Network making strides forward

PHOTO: Back l to r: Lyn Dyck, Dave Penner, Neil Schmidt, Cornelio Schmitt, Willy Reimer, Allen Kehler, John Redekopp, Ron Gerbrandt, Darrell Kehler: Front l to r Jim Wiebe, Anthony Reimer, Wilf Unrau, Jason Thiessen, Dave Janzen

On Tuesday August 21, 2018 a historic meeting of seven different denominations / organizations came together to discuss a vision and a direction forward for the Low German Outreach Network called 1 Gloowen (One faith).

The 15 people who came together at this meeting came with excitement and hope for what this partnership could be. All were coming with the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Low German people group. All were coming with the blessing of their church to explore and potentially get involved. This meeting was a testament to the passion that Al Kehler has been sharing with these people. They were well prepared.

Darrell Kehler, Al Kehler and Lyn Dyck prepared an agenda that would allow this group to work through the vision document of 1 Gloowen in a way that would give them freedom to discuss, critique, and in the end, take ownership. This group was able to come to a consensus on the vision, statement of faith, core values and strategies of 1 Gloowen. The level of discussion, openness and pure desire to work together with a common, unified purpose was inspiring.

The Steering committee will be:

  • Al Kehler – Lead until a Board is established in January 2019
  • Ron Gerbrandt – Manitoba Sommerfelder Conference
  • Anthony Reimer – Evangelical Mennonite Conference
  • Willy Reimer – Steinreich Bible School, Mexico
  • Dave Janzen – EMMC
  • Jason Thiessen – Evangelical Bergthaler Mennonite Conference (LaCrete, Alta.)
  • Dave Penner – Grace Mennonite Church, Winkler, Man.

This Steering Committee will provide direction and planning leading to a network partners meeting in January 2019 in Mexico. The preparation work and invitations to other network partners leading up to the meeting in January will be important to begin Gloowen in 2019.

Please continue to be in prayer for this ministry.


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  1. Frank Rempel
    Frank Rempel
    3 years ago

    This is very encouraging to see, that just hits the passion I’ve had for so long, to get together and focus more on the German Ministry from a more nondenominational approach. God bless the Ministry.

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