Tomorrow it becomes Legal

Steinbach Bible College  has graciously shared a video of a session that Dr. Chris Marchand presented at SBC in the spring. I personally attended the meeting and what an eye-opener it was even for someone with experience working with high-risk youth. Take the time to learn what you need to know about Marijuana (or Cannabis) as it is going to be legally sold tomorrow October 17, 2018 in Canada.

Here is a copy of the email SBC sent out

In Preparing for the Legalization of Cannabis in Canada
The legalization of marijuana has created anxiety for some Canadians, thinking about the impact on teens. Adult influence through support, faith, education, and love shapes the way teens grow as persons and trusting-relationships, provide the framework for wise choices and resiliency. In this lecture (video below), we’ll consider ways adults can provide support, as teens learn to make their own healthy choices.
Below is a video from last year’s session with Dr. Chris Marchand, Teens and Marijuana: Helping Families Deal with the Legalization of Pot. As Canada’s legalization of marijuana comes into effect tomorrow (October 17), we’re looking back at this informational lecture exploring how to navigate these changes within our communities.
We encourage parents and caregivers to use this video as a resource in diagloguing with your family.

Director of Youth and Media, Associate Mission Facilitator, EMMC

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