Together this Christmas

Making decisions is not always easy. Pasta or pizza. House or apartment. City or rural. House church or big church. Stay in a secure work environment or venture into wild God-opportunities. Options are endless. Having to consider what to leave behind and what to pursue often involves the heart, not just the practical and intellectual part of our brain.

The heart of EMMC is to seek after God and His desire for His people. Opening the path for people to come to Christ and embrace peace and hope through faith is why we exist as an organization, and a family of churches.

Ministry takes different forms and is lived out through God’s people. Providing food for those in the neighbourhood who struggle makes a difference for that family or individual. Assisting with meal programs at schools has an impact on the students as well as the larger community. Spending a week in a community interacting with everyone from the elders down to the young ones is an encouragement and example for some who needed to know that others cared. Sharing music and laughter with shut-ins or those incarcerated lifts the spirits and restores hope. These decisions to be involved make a difference for eternity.

As you decide how to share your resources this Christmas season, here are some stories that may help direct your giving.

Leading With Vision workshops have been conducted in many EMMC churches, with over 400 church leaders and volunteers participating and learning together. Churches are being refocused on their mission and seeing intentional, active discipleship grow within their local body. It takes financial resources to continue providing this tool for our churches. We need your help! Will you prayerfully consider how you can help us provide these tools for our churches?

Our 19 associate missionary couples and individuals live in remote areas and urban centres around the world. Providing financial support to these ministry workers allows them to continue their efforts. Will you join us in making an impact?

Camp ministry in Brazil has a huge impact through marriage retreats and youth camp. God’s faithfulness has been evident in this ministry. Scott and Patsy Buhler bubbled with joy as they told story after story of how God answered prayers and of how Jesus is transforming lives. May we be found faithful in our support as they prepare for another season of camp ministry.

House church and community make a difference to new believers in Koper, Slovenia. Kristen Penner has a heart for mentoring and teaching young women as they come to Christ and grow in faith, looking for meaning in life.
Translating scripture into the mother tongue of the Menya people of Papua New Guinea has been Pat and Carl Whitehead’s assignment for the past 44 years. Working with and training local individuals to continue the translation project is exciting and an answer to prayer. Your gift allows this work and God’s Word to transform a warring people to a people of faith.

Treasured Foundation continues to have an impact on individuals and churches. TF provides high school students with a time of learning, worship, interacting and serving the community and developing friendships. The next TF event is scheduled for December 2019 and will again be a place for training and practical mentorship as youth will experience the urgency of intentional discipleship. EMMC is committed to training and mentoring youth. Will you help us? Your decision to provide financial support for TF will make an impact on youth in your congregation as they embrace the mission.

These activities are all part of the approved Budget and are on-going ministries of the EMMC. We share these ministries and responsibilities in addition to our Low German Mennonite work with MEM and the Spanish work with LIEAB in Bolivia. Disciples making disciples is key to these ministries and is resulting in churches being planted and the Gospel reaching new people.

The focus of the EMMC has been to see our churches become obedient to the Great Commission and emphasize intentional discipleship. In 2019 we anticipate that a number of our churches will identify new church planters and step out in faith and establish a new church. We are excited about this, and ask you to pray for these new workers and the churches to be planted. Will you join us in seeing this vision become a reality?

We are 90% to our annual budget goal. By raising that last $100,000, we can finish our year in a strong financial position. Will you help us follow through on those commitments?

This family of churches known as EMMC has an impact across the globe. It’s through the prayers of God’s people that ministries and workers continue with courage, bringing the message of Hope and Peace to a world needing Good News. Your decision to engage in ministry with your financial support makes a difference.

As you decide this Christmas season how to share your gifting, we invite you to share your financial gifts with EMMC.

Wishing you the Peace of Christ at Christmas, and always.

Lyn Dyck
EMMC Executive Director

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