A Committee Revived

Let me introduce you to EMMC’s new Missions Advisory Committee: Region 1, Steve Miller from the Hague Gospel Church; Region 2, Art Toews from the Bagot Community Chapel; Region 3, Dick Plett from the Winkler EMM; Region 4, Lena Wiebe from the Aylmer EMM; Region 5, Albert Rempel from the Blue Creek EMM Church.
Long-time EMMC members will remember the Board of Missions and Service. Some years ago, along with some other restructuring, this committee was disbanded.
For the past few years I, as the current Missions Director, had the Missions Consultation Team, a group of individuals from the different regions who helped by being a resource when I had questions that needed a larger Conference perspective. Thank-you gentlemen for your support and service.
At General Board and Council Meetings earlier this year the MCT was formalized as a Committee, the name was changed, and the Nominating Committee was tasked with finding a representative for the Missions Advisory Committee from each Region. The General Board and Council meetings in Leamington in October 2018 presented the first opportunity for this group to meet together.
I’d encourage you to pray for our Conference’s missions ministries, and for us as leaders as we navigate the changing face of doing outreach ministry directly as a Conference, and as we provide a measure of funding for nearly 2 dozen Conference members working around the world with other mission agencies under the Associate Missionary program.

Director of Youth and Media, Associate Mission Facilitator, EMMC

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