Bolivia: Education with a future!

Early in the MEM ministry in Bolivia outside of the colony schools (Darpsschoolen), there were few formal learning opportunities for the children of Low German speaking Mennonites.
Now, some 16 years later, the hard work, long hours of preparation, the patience with understanding and meeting governmental requirements have paid off. Today that first school, known as the Unidad Educativa de Villa Nueva, has nearly 200 pupils and more than 20 teachers, some of them former students.
Students study in Spanish, English and Low German. In total about 400 students, some of them adults, are raising their level of education in schools operating under the umbrella of this school, the first among the Mennonite communities to be officially recognized by the Government of Bolivia.
Yes, the objective of these schools is to promote education among the Low German Mennonite people of Bolivia. But as with other MEM ministries, there is also an intentional effort to bring a deeper understanding of God’s love for each one. The goal is to see God’s love transform lives, that people may experience freedom and victory as they follow Christ, resulting in vibrant, authentic churches in Bolivia.
MEM (Missión Evangélica Menonita) is a joint ministry of the EBMC of La Crete, Alberta and the EMMC, with EMC as an associate partner.

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  1. Tracy Dueck
    Tracy Dueck
    3 years ago

    Wow! That is exactly how I remember those children.

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