Carl and Pat Whitehead

Bible Translation – Menya language
Papua New Guinea
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Home church: Nassau Street Church, Winnipeg Man.
Carl was able to spend nine weeks in Langley BC over the summer to serve on staff at the Canada Institute of Linguistics. It was a good opportunity for him to catch up on some of what has been happening in the field of linguistics while they have been focussing on bringing the Menya New Testament to completion. Having consulted with Correna Janzen during the grammar workshop this summer, Carl will be continuing in that role in the coming year, and also helping Katri Linnasalo with the grammar of the language where she works. Both these ladies are working in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
As planned, Pat worked on the revision of the English grammar component of the Initial Skills Course during the summer and after their arrival in Carstairs, Alberta – the play they call home for 9 months. She was back in PNG helping to coordinate the course and teach the 13 participants. She returned from there on November 9 flying through to Winnipeg where she met up with Carl.
Menya Matters: Another 300 MegaVoice units have been purchased, and Pat took them with her. Ezekiel is at Ukarumpa and will take and distribute them.
May 2019 will be their main Ontario trip with stops on the way in Manitoba and perhaps Quebec and Northern USA. June will be the time of closure before heading back to PNG for another term of 2 to 4 years.

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