“Enlarge my vision” – Region 6 Gathering review

Diversity and unity, God is God of them both! Praise the Lord for an excellent Regional Gathering that took place August 26 and 26. Colonia del Valle, Shipyard, and Blue Creek came together at the Spanish Lookout EMMC. Even with the rain, we had a large crowd (600 people on Sunday!) come out to praise God together.
Al and Anita Kehler came from Manitoba to share on the theme “Enlarge my Vision”. It was a very meaningful topic, which we could all apply to our lives. In the first session, Al shared from Isaiah 54:2, asking God to enlarge, stretch and lengthen our influences. Sharing supper together was another opportunity for fellowship.
That evening Al spoke about leading through influence; being the salt and light to the people around us. Rachel Redekopp also shared her gift by doing a drama presentation on the Prodigal Son. Early next morning, we all had breakfast together at the church, followed by another session. In this session, Al challenged us to put on our “faith goggles” and see around us as God sees; to see all the ways God could use us to further his Kingdom through God sized opportunities! The afternoon was open to lots of good fellowship and zoot knocking (eating sunflower seeds), which was followed by faspa.
Throughout all of these sessions, we heard testimonies from individuals from various churches who shared how God was using them to be an influence in different ministries. We called them “Everyday Visionaires’. During all the sessions, kids were also having a blast playing games outside, bouncing on the bouncy castle, getting “train rides”, having snacks, a puppet show and more!
I was amazed at the diversity of the people that came together this weekend and yet we all had one common goal; to worship our God together. In the same way, each church in our region is unique, but we all come together as one, doing together what we cannot do alone!


Melissa Dueck

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