Intro to Music Seminar

On September 28, Hague Gospel Church had a seminar for children who wanted to check out different instruments and see what interested them. Joel and Heidi Pankratz organized the program and led us through the seminar.
We first learned about using music to worship and what this means and how to worship different ways. Then the kids divided into four different groups depending on the instrument they wanted to learn more about. Jeremy Bourne taught the kids about the guitar, Rose Peters taught the children on the piano, Joel Pankratz taught the children the ukulele, and Ryan Davidson taught drums.
The kids had a blast, and the adults had fun watching them. The children were able to try out the instruments and were taught how to play them.
After sharing supper together, we gathered in the sanctuary, and played as a group. We got out shakers, guitars and the drums. We had singers. Everyone played something. It was great to hear the kids having fun and playing worship music to the Lord.
A big thank you to Joel and Heidi Pankratz for planning and teaching the sessions, to Melissa Duermeyer and the worship committee for making this a reality, and to all our individual teachers, Jeremy, Rose, and Ryan.

Allison Wiebe

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