Marsden and Mandy Giesbrecht

Healing Hearts Ministry
Church Planting | Nipawin, Sask
Home church: Sutherland Evangelical Church, Saskatoon, Sask.
Over the course of our years in Nipawin, Sask., we have been in the process of building relationships that point to Christ. We have been preaching and teaching the Good News of our Saviour as God has prompted, and we will continue to do those things as the Lord directs.
Kora, our oldest, just turned 13 and has a small group of close friends. Over time one particular friend, Tory, has come with her to Kids church and Sunday services, to youth group and Bible camp. Through her friendship with Kora and teaching in many situations, Tory has put her trust in Christ.
Missiologists call this “lifestyle evangelism”. Living out the truth of the gospel every day in every circumstance, and when opportunity arises to use words too! It is meant to be part of everyday ministry for all believers.
Tory has become part of our family. She has often been in our home for meals around the table and celebrations. She knows our whole family, our pets and loves to spend time with us and we have come to love her as family.
Recently her parents noticed a difference in Tory’s attitude at home. She had become outwardly critical of what she saw happening in her home … alcohol abuse, the lack of family time, very little communication, inward focus of parents, the dysfunction that used to be “normal”.
Tory noticed the difference in our home as imperfect as it is. She noticed the difference that Christ can make in a family and spoke out about the dysfunction of her home to her parents. Her outspokenness resulted in her being sent away from her home. Sent away by her parents to live with her grandparents in Shoal Lake. Sent away from her school and friends, church family and support systems.
During summer, I (Marsden) was blessed to bring Kora and Tory on a Higher Challenge Camp in the mountains of Alberta. As we sat around a campfire, a young man asked: “Is it possible to be a Christian, and not go to a church”? One of our camp leaders got up and pulled a burning log out of the fire, and sat down again without saying anything. After a moment he asked “what will happen to this log, if it is left out of the fire?”
Without the body of Christ, feeding and encouraging each other, we struggle to maintain our focus on the Lord. We will “go out” if we don’t continue to be part of the body. We are not meant to be separated from the body!
Pray for Tory and others who have also moved away over this past year. Pray that during this time God will encourage them, and that we can find ways to continue to be part of their lives!
Pray for the people in Nipawin that God has asked us to reach out to, that they will have soft hearts and readiness to receive truth. We have a very diverse home church community here, with very diverse needs. We are continually seeking the leadership of the Holy Spirit in the role of shepherding this community into a unified dependence on Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for all of the growth we have had the privilege to witness over the past year!

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