Wes and Carol Schellenberg

Avant Ministries | Winnipeg, Man.
Home church: Glencross Mennonite Church, Man.
“Overwhelmed” is a good word to describe how we felt. Friends, neighbours, and colleagues were there to help load the moving truck in Calgary, Alberta and unload in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They worked hard, laughed a lot, and were an incredible encouragement to us. We managed to fit everything into a 26’ U-Haul truck on a Wednesday, drive across the prairies the next two days (1400 km), and then empty the truck on Saturday. Though we had some rough stretches of highway, the boxes and furniture all stayed in place and NOTHING was damaged! God’s blessings were evident time and time again. Thank you for praying!
Since moving, we have had a chance to unpack (at least partially) and get settled in our new home. Wes has also begun work at Avant’s Winnipeg office. There is a pretty steep learning curve, but he is excited to support Avant’s Canadian missionaries as they bring the good news of Jesus to people around the world. God is at work in many amazing ways!
Praise & Prayer:
Pray for our son Matthew who stayed in Calgary, and as he adjusts to a new job, having no family around and moves into a rental house with several friends.
Praise God for safety during the loading, traveling, and unloading parts of our move to Winnipeg!
Pray for Wes as he learns the various pieces of his new responsibility. He is learning to use totally new software. Pray that he will catch on quickly.
We are very thankful for the good level of health that Carol experienced during this period of transition. The stresses of the move took their toll once we arrived in Winnipeg, but she began to recover once we became more settled in our new home.
Pray that God would guide Carol as she looks to better identify her purpose in life and ministry in Winnipeg.
Pray that God will guide our choice of a new church fellowship and that he will lead us to some great new relationships

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