2018 Year-End Report

2018 Year-end report web


EMMC Year-End Report 2018-2019

EMMC exists to EQUIP and ENCOURAGE our churches for effective ministry,

EMPOWERING them to participate in God’s work in the world.

God has entrusted us, the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference with ministries that are changing lives. On behalf of these people, we thank you for your gifts, prayers, support and time. We praise God for what He is doing in you and through you. Your church budget funds, combined with other gifts, donations and partnerships all contribute to our joint budget. God is at work and your partnership allows us to EQUIP, ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER! As we approach our Year End, we would like to share some of the highlights.

Leadership and Education

We have now completed our second full year of our 5-Year Strategic Plan. We have emphasized a renewed obedience to Matthew 28:18-20, building a foundation on discipleship and leadership development.

  • Leading with Vision – This workshop has become well-known in our EMMC Churches. In 75% of our churches across Canada and Belize, over 450 people have gone through our Leading with Vision workshops. Churches are being refocused on their mission and seeing intentional, active discipleship growth within their local body. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with many of our churches focusing on their next steps.

  • Pastor Summit – In May 2018 we held a Pastor Summit. We saw 32 pastors and young leaders from our churches come together to pray together, to be equipped, encouraged and empowered. One pastor said:

    “I can’t want for the church what I am not willing to do myself … I need to go back to my identity in Christ and lead from there.”

  • Education and Training Fund – Together through the EMMC Education and Training Fund, you helped us distribute student bursaries to 21 different post-secondary students. Many of these students will become our next pastors and leaders within our churches.


  • Associate Missionaries – We have 19 associate missionaries we support across 7 different countries who without your financial and prayer support would struggle to do the task God has asked of them. With one couple retiring this year, this gives opportunity for new missionaries to receive support in 2019! We have a waiting list of other missionaries waiting for funding if a budget increase was provided.

  • LIEAB – Over four decades ago we began a ministry to the Spanish speaking people of Bolivia. It became our sister conference called LIEAB which has grown to 14 churches and 10 church plants. Together we helped start the La Fortaleza School in Santa Cruz which provides a Christian education to nearly 650 kids. Students from La Fortaleza School are now working with us, teaching at our Low German schools. Your faithfulness of holding up the Spanish ministry in Bolivia is multiplying! Disciples making disciples!

  • Bolivia MEM Ministries

    The Bolivia MEM ministry ranges from evening Bible studies in the dark of someone’s yard, to developing standardized Low German curriculum, counseling for drug, alcohol, physical and sexual abuse, to being a liaison between the Bolivian government and Mennonite Colonies.

    • Hacienda Verde Church Plant – Thank you, you helped our team plant a church in Hacienda Verde, Bolivia. In two years this church has grown to 150 people, and many of them are new followers of Jesus.

    • Hacienda Verde Community – On Christmas Eve, the community was blessed with hydro finally being hooked up to the local government power grid. This will change the community and allow for economic development and many other improvements to happen in the lives of the people.

  • Villa Nueva Church – Thank you, for praying for our Villa Nueva church. This is a church that is actively raising up and discipling leaders. This church of 200 has nearly doubled in size in the past two years. God is at work, as they are seeing doors open to planting new churches among their own Low German speaking people.

  • Hacienda Verde and Villa Nueva Schools – With your support our missionaries are able to provide a quality

    Christian education in these two communities to nearly 250 kids in Bolivia. We praise God for your support of these ministries. God is at work, and lives are changing!

  • Belize – the intentional ministry of our churches and the impact of the Low German radio station, De Stemm is changing the community. More and more people are ready to hear the message of the Gospel.

  • 1Gloowen (One Faith) – We have seen the growing need of reaching the Low German Mennonites around the world with the Gospel. We have been instrumental in forming a network of 1Gloowen with other denominations to working in partnerships to reach this people group. January 30-31, 2019 a meeting of about 50 people representing nearly 18 churches, ministries and denominations, will be the launch point of this network. www.1gloowen.com

    Communications and Social Media

  • Staff Changes: 2018 was a year of change within our staffing. Terry Terichow our accountant retired and Peter Serger was added as our Social Media Director. The changes and reshuffling of hours and responsibility have reduced our staffing from 5.1FTE to 4.7FTE.

  • The Recorder: bi-monthly publication which provides information relating to the EMMC as a whole, and is made available free of charge for all those who request it. Peter Serger and Lil Goertzen have been working to change layout and look. It is now available in an online format.

  • Praise, Prayer and Pondering: this email provides weekly updates, information and prayer / praise items for all those subscribed to this free electronic resource.

  • Facebook: has become a useful method of communicating news and updates of our ministry and our workers.

  • Website: if you visited the website in 2018 you will have seen a whole new look. With new menus, it has made it much easier to navigate, find articles and information on ministries, missionaries and events. Check it out at www.emmc.ca.

  • Videos: We have also introduced videos that can be used on our church websites and on Sunday mornings. Our intent is to look for different ways to share the story of what God is doing in the ministries of EMMC.

Future Ministry

This is simply a sampling of what you have been a part of in 2018. There have been hundreds of people baptized and brought into membership in our EMMC churches. Some say numbers don’t matter, but for every one of these followers of Jesus, God rejoices and we rejoice with Him. With this growth, we hear of a number of our churches that are planning expansion projects and new building construction. God is at work as some of our churches are making intentional efforts to support their neighboring EMMC churches, helping them regain health through restart and renewal.

As we embark on year 3 of our 5-Year Strategic Plan, we are bringing emphasis to the results of discipleship and that is to multiply ourselves and our churches. In early February 2019, seventeen leaders and pastors from all 5 of our EMMC Regions will join me at the Multiply (church planting) Conference in Vancouver. The EMMC General Board has encouraged us to start a prayer project based on Luke 10:2, encouraging us to set our alarms to pray at 10:02am. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Please join us in this prayer project.

God is at work! But the work is not done. Together with you, we are building towards so much more, as we make disciples who make disciples. As I write this report, we are anticipating ending the fiscal year, January 31, 2019 in a deficit position. So many exciting and positive things have transpired these last 12 months. As we move forward in faith, we continue to look to Him to provide, guide and direct our paths.

In 2019 we will come together at events like the Youth Leaders Retreat in February, the Gathering 2019 in July, and Treasured Foundation 2019 in December. And with the love of Jesus Christ and the hope instilled in us by the Holy Spirit we look forward to celebrating the lives changed in 2019. Together, we Equip, Encourage and Empower.

Luke 10:2 – “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”

Because of Christ,

Lyn Dyck, Executive Director January 15, 2019

Download any of the At a Glance pdfs here!

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