Morden Corn & Apple Ministry (FCFC)

Henry & Carol Janzen – FCFC Frazer Valley Chapter

How it began: In 2016 a couple by the name of Henry & Carol Janzen were invited to come to Morden, MB to set up an evangelistic outreach booth under the name Fellowship of Christian

Farmers Canada. After retiring as a car and tire salesman Henry served as a Gideon for many years and also did a short missions stint with OM. They have now served with FCFC for the last 4 years. In 2016 Henry & Carol brought with them 3000 walking sticks with 5 beads attached to each of them using a leather string. A booth was set up on Stephen Street, which by Friday nights is filled to capacity together with numerous venues for the Morden Corn & Apple Festival.

How it works: The purpose of the 5 beads is to tell the gospel story in an organized fashion. The gold bead stands for heaven, where we all want to go. The dark bead represents sin which keeps us separated from God and heaven. The red bead allows for the explanation of the blood of Jesus and His death on the cross. The next bead, white reminds people that they are washed white as snow by the blood and have access to God’s heavenly home if they believe and accept Christ as Savior. The last bead green challenges the new believers to grow as a Christian by praying, reading the Bible, going to church and telling others about Christ. In order to receive a free walking stick the guest is required to listen to this 3 minute presentation of the gospel story.

Results: All 3000 sticks were handed out to visitors this first year with 120 of recipients making first time decisions. It was quickly realized that there were not enough sticks so the booth was shut down early. In 2017 Henry & Carol came back with 5400 sticks all of which were handed to visitors at the booth during this 3 day event. It became obvious that this was one of the busiest booths on Stephen Street. More than 250 first time decisions were recorded in 2016. This last year (2018) the Janzens were back for their final ministry trip to Morden. Again they brought 6000 walking sticks and distributed 5500 of them with similar results of 250 plus first time decisions. A number of volunteers from the Winkler, Morden area as well as a few from MacGregor, Rosser (both have a FCFC Chapter) and Winnipeg came to participate.

Our Challenge: A small group of volunteers from the Morden/Winkler area have met for the purpose of starting an FCFC chapter in the Southern Manitoba area. The name chosen for this chapter is Pembina Valley FCFC. The executive presently consists of Waldo Penner and Larry Dyck of Morden and Harry Pauls from La Riviere. A few businesses already have committed to making and donating walking sticks for the next few years. The one truth that came to all of us as volunteers was that, “the harvest truly is plentiful and the laborers are definitely few.” However, each year we have been overwhelmed by the number of visitors interested in hearing a clear and creative presentation of the gospel story.The goal of FCFC is to make an effort to challenge this Biblical truth in a significant way in our city and in communities nearby. Please pray for this to happen as we set up for Corn & Apple this summer.

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Submitted by Harry Bergman

Member of: Morden Christian Programs Committee

Some of us may remember the ‘wordless book’ from our childhood.

A sample of the 6000 walking sticks

One of our volunteers (Waldo) sharing the gospel story

Director of Youth and Media, Associate Mission Facilitator, EMMC

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