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Low German Ministry with the Unraus Fundraiser Event:

Friday, April 12, 2019 Grace Mennonite Church, Winkler, Manitoba Save the date & plan to be there! We arrived at Steinreich Bibel Schule, Chihuahua, Mexico on January 4. This gave us plenty of time to settle into our designated two-bedroom suite, to familiarize ourselves with the Bible school campus, and to begin to meet the people. All our meals are provided by the Bible school dining hall, so we don’t need to cook at all. It will be easy to get used to life here.

We quickly discovered the walking options around campus. Steinreich is a single street village with numerous crop fields all around it. There is a great walking path behind the school leading a long way down between two fields. Another great walking option is the paved street of the village, with a possible stop at the little convenience store called D’Best just down the street. Regardless of the direction we walk, there is a refreshing view of the mountains, several miles in the distance, all around.

The opening service and registration for Bibel Schule 2019 took place on Sunday, January 6, with the first day of classes on Monday, January 7. Wilfred and I (Margaret) chose several classes to take besides the ones we are teaching. Classes are taught in Low German with English or High German options for homework. To date, we have enjoyed our classes very much – even the homework.

Even though we are taking some classes, we mostly get “teacher” treatment. I am teaching English levels I, II, and III, with an extra tutoring class for two young men who need more basic English lessons. This interaction with students has been very rewarding. As I work with the two young men, I am blessed to see their eager desire to learn. On Thursday evenings I am teaching a women’s class with various relevant topics. That first evening we prepared for a generous forty attendees, but the ladies kept coming until our classroom was packed – fifty-seven ladies attended that day. Wilfred is flourishing in the teaching of a missions course on Thursday afternoons. This class is getting excited for their upcoming weekend mission trip to the Tarahumara indigenous peoples in the mountains south of here next week. A few weeks into our school term, he started a mentoring class as well, intentionally interacting and encouraging those students who will be returning to specific ministry assignments.

We have also had numerous invitations to speak, to share, and to preach aside from our regular Steinreich commitments. These events give us many opportunities to impact the lives of the students and to meet the community around this area.

Just this week we were privileged to host a visitor from our home church in Bergfeld, Manitoba, while he attended meetings here in Steinreich. Later we also benefitted greatly from a meeting with our Multi-nation Missions Foundation supervisors and other friends interested in our Low German work and our next assignment plans for Belize. We have also been pleased to have several of our Alberta friends drop in for a visit.

We look forward with anticipation of how God is going to invite us to participate in what He’s doing next. Praises & Prayers

* We are thankful for new friends (again) in Mexico.

* We are praising the Lord for letting us see some of the exciting work He is doing among the students and in His church.

* Praise the Lord for His invitation to pray always – ask and it shall be given to you.

* We welcome your continued prayers that we would experience God’s grace as we teach, speak, live on campus, and interact with people.

* Pray for God’s protection and open hearts as the team heads into the mountains for ministry next week, February 8 to 10.

* Please pray for wisdom and guidance as we continue to plan ahead for our next move – to Belize in April.

We welcome communications from you at any time. We appreciate your prayers and support. Please contact us with information from anyone not yet receiving these updates, who would like to be added to our sending list. May you recognize God’s amazing favour today. Wilfred & Margaret Unrau

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