Changes in Vauxhall

The young and growing congregation in Vauxhall, Alberta has experienced several changes in its short life. Recently, Wilf and Margaret Unrau completed their interim pastor assignment. Allen and Anita Kehler will be providing leadership and mentoring from February through to April. Then, as may rolls around, Henry and Tina Redekopp will step in as the new lead pastor (picture above).
The Redekopps aim is to move to move from Steinbach Manitoba to Alberta in early May. There is no set moving date yet. They do expect to spend some time in the Vauxhall area in mid-February to find housing.
There are good things happening in the Vauxhall church, and we praise God for His guidance. As these individuals and congregation go through the adjustments, please keep them in your prayers.

Prayer requests:

  • Henry and Tina Redekopp as they look for appropriate housing in Vauxhall
  • Henry and Tina’s family as they prepare to transition
  • The Vauxhall church as they prepare for their new lead pastor
  • Al and Anita Kehler and the role they will carry in the congregation for the next few months

Mennonite Gospel Church, Vauxhall, Alberta

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  1. Dora Bergen
    Dora Bergen
    3 years ago

    Would there be a phone number for the preachers? I have a friend who lives in that area who is in need of spiritual help

    • Abe Giesbrecht
      Abe Giesbrecht
      3 years ago

      Do you know where your friend lives? If they are able they can contact the workers in the Villa Nueva or Hacienda Verde communities. Blessings

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