Exciting things happening in Bolivia

Graduation Celebration

Students at Villa Nueva School, Bolivia celebrated their grade 12 graduation on December 11. Of these 9 students, 4 of them plan on going to university. Congratulations to the graduates! Pray for them as they continue to make decisions regarding education and employment. Thank God for the education that they received at the Villa Nueva School.
Thank you for being part of the ongoing financial support base for the MEM Low German ministries in Bolivia.

Exciting changes light up Hacienda Verde

It’s not every year that an entire community receives a Christmas gift. The residents of Hacienda Verde, Bolivia received something very special on December 24.
Over the last year or so they had been been assured multiple times that the new community of Hacienda Verde would be connected to the national power grid … shortly. Field Director Bill Kehler was confident it would happen Monday – which Monday he wasn’t sure.
Monday, December 24, Christmas Eve, the lights went on for 24/7 power in Hacienda Verde!
With this new power source, we feel it will give residents of Hacienda Verde the possibility to turn some of the budding dreams of local employment into reality.
Bill Kehler told EMMC Home Office earlier in January, that there are between 170 and 200 people attending the church in Hacienda Verde, Bolivia. It is a regular occurrence to have people visiting from other places in Bolivia sometimes from colonies as well as from other evangelical churches. Please continue to pray for this new community and the many opportunities that are before them.

Bolivia Missionary Assignment

Benny and Ester Fehr and their four children are leaving for Bolivia in late January to serve under EMC Missions. They have been assigned to lead the radio ministry for the MEM (Misión Evangélica Menonita) in the San Jose and Hacienda Verde area. They will also be working part-time with the youth in the Hacienda Verde church.
The Fehrs’ are members of the Mount Salem Community Church (EMC) in southern Ontario, where they have served as Pastor of Care.
Ken Zacharias
EMC Director of Global Outreach

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