Freely Worship

I have always been a guy that said and believed I had “zero fear” of what people might say, think or do to me. I have served in many different ways including contentious situations or issues where it was not always easy. But that was how I wanted it to be, zero fear.
So, here I am in church. Our church changed its music style to more contemporary music, and I liked that. There were people who are quite engaged with the songs during worship, and praised God by lifting their hands high above their heads in honor and worship to the Almighty God. I had a desire to worship like that, in honor to God, but I never did. I could not figure out why I was not able to show my worship in that way, because it looked like joy. So what was wrong?
One day I saw our Pastor standing during worship, praising the Lord with his hands in the air. I approached our Pastor and asked him how he came to this point of praising God with his hands raised in honor to Him. His response to me, “you know Bill, all I had to do was surrender myself to Him”. That told me I was not surrendered and I did have fear of what people might say or think about me. I realized I had not been honest, not even with myself.
A few days later, I surrendered that fear to God, and I can now freely worship Him with my hands raised in praise and joy and honor for what He has done for me in my life. I realized that if I go to a hockey game and jump out of my seat with outstretched arms and joy when my grandson scores a goal, surely I can do that during worship to His honor and praise. To God Be the Glory!!


Bill Enns

Altona EMM Church, Man.

Bill Enns

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