Game Changers

Ladies, this one is for you!
I spent a few years as a youth missionary and a youth pastor. I would get calls in the middle of the night. Or on a day off I would meet someone from church. To these people, I was still pastor. It is a 24/7 job to serve people, responding to their needs. Being a mother or a wife is a 24/7 job. It is a job of service – a job of submission, if you will, to the needs of your family first. Often times the actions are carried out with such caring hearts that it comes at the expense of your own health and time and energy. The epitome of a human trying to live with a Christ mentality; my life for yours.
Every man has a mother and there are men designed to stand on their own, without a wife. Most men are not wired that way. Males are incomplete without the women, not just their wives, in their lives. A 13 year-old boy who is trying to learn to be a man, to grow up and mature, that boy, desperately needs you. He needs his mother, he needs his sisters, he needs his grandmas and aunties and his Sunday School teachers and youth leaders. He needs to see godly women who are living for Christ.
How you hug your son, how you pick up your baby, how you treat your husband, how you carry yourself, how you worship and how you read your Bible and pray. You are being watched and you are, in fact, teaching the boys and young men that observe you. You are a GAME CHANGER for these boys and young men. You change how they look upon women, how they perceive women, and you alter, forever, how that boy will treat his future wife, his sister and mom, his some-day daughters and all the other women around him.
Insignificant. You have felt it. Spoon feeding your baby, “insignificant”. Changing a diaper, “insignificant”. Wearing an appropriate style of clothing, “insignificant”. Vacuuming the floor, making dinner, mowing the lawn, sitting and relaxing, reading your Bible, dancing to the music, working two jobs to make a living all “insignificant!”
LIES all of them. You are women. You are the most significant piece in how the boys and men around you see women. If you portray yourself as insignificant, that is what they will believe. If you acknowledge and portray your everyday 24/7 job as being the most significant thing you will do today, then you truly are the GAME CHANGERS God designed you to be when He made Eve to be a game changer for Adam.
Why? Because it is a matter of the heart. It is worship. It glorifies God – 24/7.

Director of Youth and Media, Associate Mission Facilitator, EMMC

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