Growing local leaders

When I returned from sabbatical in October I stepped into this new role, as a half-time position. I will also continue to serve half-time as a Community Minister. Director of Leadership Development is a role that has not existed at ICYA before, so it will continue to take shape in the coming months. I will be focusing on how we can nurture, support and promote growth and health in leaders, both current staff and emerging leaders within ICYA’s ministries.
Local and Indigenous leaders are an invaluable asset to our community and to ICYA as a ministry. We believe God has created and raised up these leaders to have an impact that is uniquely deep and transformative. They have stories and experiences that can help them identify with and relate to youth and families in unique ways. Local leaders understand the neighbourhood and culture in ways that others do not. Their lives inspire hope and their voice and example carry a special authority. Leaders from the margins can reach people in places and situations that others cannot. The gospel will be incarnated within local and Indigenous leaders in a way that speaks the message of Jesus in a unique way to this cultural context.
When we see the youth in the North End we see young men and women who are called to become humble servants, compassionate advocates and healthy leaders within their families, on their block and in their community. We also see future camp leaders, youth mentors, drop-in directors, administrators, family advocates, street pastors. At ICYA we want to be a place where youth who want to follow Jesus can have opportunities to learn, serve and be mentored into the identities and callings the Creator has given them. And we want to become a ministry where local and Indigenous Christian leaders can grow, thrive and be empowered to lead in all areas of our ministry.
I am grateful for this opportunity to work collaboratively with our ICYA team toward this vision.

Prayer needs:

  • Pray for me in my new role as I listen to my team mates and our community, consult with other ministries and Indigenous leaders and seek the direction of the Holy Spirit.
  • Continue praying for our friends who are struggling with crystal meth addiction.
  • Pray for our girls as they continue to grow, learn and discover their unique identities.
  • Pray for Amie and me as parents.

Andrew and Amie Reimer
Community Ministry/ Director of Leadership Development
Inner City Youth Alive | Winnipeg, Manitoba
Home churches: Altona EMMC / Nassau Street Church

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