Much Rejoicing!

We are ending this year with much rejoicing! From seeing friends become new believers, to seeing Slovenes begin discipling each other, to talking about tithing in the new year as a church. God continues to do the hard work of changing hearts, and we walk alongside in faith and obedience.  As I reflect on this past year, I see once again how God has been so close, present and ever filled with grace towards me. I see how it is He who works through my weakness and failures to let Him have all the glory.
“In God we have boasted continually, and we will give thanks to your name forever” Psalms 44:8 (ESV)
Through a new friend connection, I may have the opportunity to volunteer at a kindergarten in Koper. Pray that this would allow for new relationships and connections to happen with the other staff, and also a chance to practice Slovene!

Coming up for 2019

  • Zves (Slovenian IFES Ministry): attending the student group that meets weekly to connect with the college students in Koper.
  • Lanie: I’ll be taking one morning a week to teach Lanie through reading, writing and math.
  • Language: attending language lessons one morning a week.
  • Discipleship: Anja and I are reading through Matthew together.
  • Tithing committee: I’ve been selected as the member from our team to be part of the group of people from the church that will make financial decisions with the financial gifts that are given.
  • GLOW: my main role is to provide the snack!
  • Church: feeding people as often as possible with meals and snacks.
  • Friendships: meeting with new and older friends, hoping one day to see them all at our church.
  • Courses: I will continue with studying come mid-January beginning a new counselling course about the different theories of counselling.

Kristen Penner
Avant Ministries | Koper, Slovenia
Home church: Bergfeld EMMC, Manitoba

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