New People to Church

The Lord has been bringing some new people to the Northern Collective Church (NCC). A new believer was recently baptized which was a special moment for our church family. We also had a Thanksgiving dinner, lingering around the tables to visit and getting to know each other better. A number in our group do not have family nearby. Starting January 6, NCC will be renting space in the Francophone Centre for Sunday services. We sense that a neutral location is important for some as they consider attending church.
A big need is for some more mature Christians to commit to being part of the NCC church family and using their gifts and abilities to serve. There are opportunities, needs and ideas but more people are needed, so the current core group does not burn out.
November 12-13, we had the privilege and responsibility of teaching at NCEM’s candidate training in the area of member care. We were blessed to spend time with the candidates hearing their stories. After the training, we spent 2 days at NCEM Leadership Meetings in Prince Albert, SK. It was encouraging to meet with the other leaders to talk and pray (and laugh) together.
In October 2013, Tony began part-time work with the Salvation Army, a job that gave him many contacts with First Nations people. However, with changes to the Salvation Army job and new responsibilities as Member Care Coordinator with NCEM, Tony has felt that he is not able to do either job as well as he would like. For this reason, he is resigning from the Salvation Army job effective January 2019.

Did you know…

  • Tony is using the Pain of the Heart material with the two dorms he sees at Whitehorse Correction Centre.
  • Tony attended another training conference addressing homelessness early November in Hamilton
  • Tony and Janet celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary this New Year’s Eve.

Please pray for:

  • for more people to join the Northern Collective Church core team.
  • the NCEM candidates as they build prayer and financial support teams and begin their areas of ministry.
  • growth in the life of the new believer who was baptized recently.
  • God to use the Pain of the Heart videos to draw people to salvation and healing of their hearts through the Wonderful Counsellor, Jesus Christ.

Tony and Janet Ens
Church planting / outreach
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission
Whitehorse, YT
Home church: Morden EMM Church, Manitoba


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