Teaching teachers in Bolivia

John and Naomi Hall are retired teachers, and make regular visits to Bolivia, holding teaching workshops. This is a valuable ministry and benefits the MEM teachers at Villa Nueva and Hacienda Verde schools. Here are some highlights of their time in Bolivia.

Hot, hot, weather welcomed us to Bolivia, heat that even the locals were complaining about. After five days of this the rains came and the temperatures dropped to the low 80s F. It’s quite pleasant here now with cloudier skies and gentle breezes.

On Monday, January 28, we started the workshops with 6 schools involved and a total of 50 teachers and 4 languages. The teachers from Germany said they would be okay with English, so translations were kept to just two languages. Working with such a large and diverse group can be difficult. We would like to demonstrate things that we are teaching but it is hard to move around the room and impossible to do any hands-on activities. However, we try. The last workshop was on “Engaging Students” and I knew that I had to demonstrate what I was teaching. Before leaving Canada, I packed John’s small, emergency fishing tackle box and a collapsible fishing rod. I organized the workshop to focus on fishing, “Hooked on Learning”. It was fun to end the workshops by teaching them to use whatever is available to keep their students focused. We did a total of 5 workshops over 16 hours, on a variety of subjects.

There are a lot of new teachers in the schools this year. They seem really enthusiastic and eager to get into their classroom and engage with

the students. There is a really positive attitude and a great spirit of cooperation among them. It promises to be a good year.

Monday and Tuesday we will be at the school and will help wherever we are needed. Wednesday classes start. Thursday and Friday we will be doing some coaching and troubleshooting. On Sunday, we will go into Santa Cruz and fly out on Monday, February 11 to start all over again in Panama.

We love what we do.

Naomi and John Hall

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