A Family Celebration, large and growing

Around 500 leaders, parents, youth and children gathered recently at the Chorovi Retreat Centre as the Evangelical Anabaptist Church in Bolivia, or LIEAB, celebrated their annual Family Retreat. Taking advantage of the national holidays around Carnaval, families from the various LIEAB churches in and around Santa Cruz gathered to celebrate Jesus Christ, to praise together, and to share the love of our Heavenly Father.

In Bolivia, as in other countries in Latin America, Carnaval, this year held March second to fifth, is a time for parties and wild living, which can at times turn disorderly and even violent. It’s a time when many people lay low, or find a reason to leave large cities.

Uniting Families was the theme for LIEAB’s Family Retreat. Different pastors shared the Word, with topics such as: The Biblical Basis for the Family, The Roles of Marriage, and The Role of Children. It was a time of great blessing. In addition to the formal topics the event included meals, biblical competitions and sports activities, and a lot of time to live as families.

Pastor Ruben Mercado, Mentor and Counselor of LIEAB, reports “We thank God because the work continues to grow in Bolivia, but do not stop praying and supporting this work.”

Provide by Ruben Mercado

Translated by Abe Giesbrecht

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