Conversation and response to God’s Word

It is difficult to describe what it feels like to have God provide vision, and then to watch Him make that vision a reality! We are so privileged to be able to watch Him at work. We are really feeling the effects of your prayers.

A Fall renovation project provided us with a cozy living area in our church building, which has been put to GOOD use with Ladies Bible Study, Men’s Bible Study, Children’s reading group (which all the kids call “book club”), Girl’s Bible Study, and one-on-one weekly Bible Studies as well!

Conversation and response to God’s Word in every group, and in church Sunday mornings, has been insightful, intense, to the heart, and encouraging. To see small children learn about the power of God our creator, and to see older children recognize the power of God at work in one another, and to see women understand the power of Jesus our Saviour and healer, and to see men hearing the powerful God drawing them into ministry as they hunger and thirst after the Word of God … all in the same week is awesome! Life continues to be difficult for families and children alike, but God has not been limited by these ups and downs as each individual begins to find their place in the heart of Jesus and the Family of God!

We are seeing our church adults and children taking part in care and ministry to one another and to the children. We are watching the gifts of the Spirit at work. It’s just a neat season to be able to experience.

In the middle of this season, Mandy’s grandfather went to heaven to meet Jesus face to face. At his memorial, the Story of Jesus and Grampy was spoken clearly. He left a legacy of Salvation! Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray as God continues to lead and work! Pray for us also as we travel, and as God continues to meet every need along the way.

Mandy and Marsden

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