Treasured Foundation 2019!

Over the years since Treasured Foundation’s inception, countless youth from across the EMMC have experienced growth and spiritual value at the event. What has always set TF apart is its focus on building an intentional time for youth and their leaders to deepen their faith in God, while also connecting with other Christians, and serving together. This happens through worship, sessions lead by Christian leaders, prayer times, and hands-on service in the community. It also happens between these elements though, in ways and at times we cannot predict. This is one of the many reasons we ask for and cherish your prayers as we prepare for this event!

This Christmas, December 28 to 31st 2019, Treasured Foundation will be held in Steinbach. Yes, Steinbach, Manitoba! This is very exciting for us as a planning committee! We have booked the entire Roadhouse 52 Inn & Suites along with Steinbach Bible College for our event. There are a few reasons for excitement. First, the lower cost of the event will allow more youth to come. Second, we have stronger connections to local service opportunities, building on relationships our Manitoba churches have built and may continue to develop. Third, SBC is well equipped for events like ours, easily meeting our practical needs, but also providing a quiet place to focus on what the Spirit of God may stir up in the hearts of those attending. We are eager to welcome our youth and leaders here for Treasured Foundation 2019!

Personal reflection from committee member, Lana Penner:

I have been fortunate enough to attend two TF events as a youth, two as a leader, and now serve twice on the planning committee. Much of what I have valued about TF has remained constant. I am always challenged by the sessions, moved by the worship times, and satisfied thoroughly by the food and conversation at every meal time!

There is one element which has grown more valuable to me throughout the years though – understanding our Christian diversity and unity. When I first attended in my grade nine year, I was delighted to find peers from all over our conference who were on similar journeys of faith as I was! My first TF roommate – a high school senior from another province – impressed me with her dedication to Scripture and humble confidence in Christ. I recalled her example all through high school as I grew to call faith my own. As my involvement in TF changed, I now relish how the event continues to shape my understanding of the larger body of Christ that we call EMMC – the diversity we have, and the Treasured Foundation that we share.

Join with us in prayer, fundraising, and working to carve out time for youth to focus on God at TF 2019.

Lana Penner for

TF 2019 Planning Committee

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