Weekend trip into the Mountains

Bible school here in Steinreich has been quite intense. We are either doing homework or preparing classes and presentations, when we are not actually attending class or teaching. God has blessed us through so many wonderful new relationships. We continue to seek to have open hearts to learn through it all.

Wilfred and the missions class had a fantastic weekend trip into the mountains a few weeks ago. There definitely were blessings shared both ways between the Bible school team and the Tarahumara Indians they were serving. Several Gospel programs were presented and meals shared with these indigenous peoples. Back at school we enjoyed reports and pictures of the weekend.
On that same weekend Margaret was invited to join a group of students heading to a children’s home in the town of La Junta for a Saturday morning of interacting with the children and leaving gifts of food. This too was a great time of learning about culture here in Mexico.

Students and some of the SBS staff were divided into 5 singing/ministry groups again this year. Each group was assigned to present a program of songs, testimonies, and a Good Samaritan message promoting Steinreich Bibel Schule at two different churches. These occasions, too, are fun ways to meet new people and see new areas. Wilfred was our group’s speaker.

Classes are going very well. The two young men learning basic English with Margaret gave us a sudden surprise last week. They needed to leave the country. One exciting turn of events was that one of the men received Christ as personal Saviour just before they left. We trust God will take care of them wherever they are.

Praises & Prayers

  • We are thankful for gorgeous Mexico weather.
  • We are praising the Lord for personal decisions for Christ.
  • Praise the Lord that we get to be part of His kingdom building.
  • We welcome your continued prayers that we would experience God’s grace as we teach, speak, live on campus, and interact with people.
  • Pray for God’s protection as we travel locally.
  • Please pray for wisdom and guidance as we continue to plan ahead for our move to Belize in April.

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