Deep Hunger

Peter, a youth of 17, comes from a home where the father is absent. He came out of a colony looking for work to support his mother and siblings and ended up in the Chihuahua colony where he heard the gospel and accepted Christ as his Savior. At the age of 19, he moved his mother and siblings to Villa Nueva. He had a deep hunger and an eagerness to learn more about this new-found faith, but he could not read or write.
He started attending the Villa Nueva church and signed up for “Christus Sien Läwen” (The Life of Christ), book 1, a SEAN Bible school course. Because he could not read he found it too difficult and was going to quit. We encouraged him not to give up, we would help him. We read the lesson onto an audio and sent it to him, and others who also needed help, via Whatsapp. Several individuals came alongside him, took an extra evening a week to help him do his homework. He finished the book and passed the exam.
Peter took the required course to get his drivers’ license, in Spanish, passed it and got his license. He is also taking evening classes in the Villa Nueva School to get an education. Less than a year after starting this course he joined the Christian Life class “Daut Wieetvolle Läwen” (The Abundant Life), another SEAN course, got baptized and became a member of the church. When this course started there were a number of students who could not read and write so Peter proudly helped them with their lessons because he could read and write now. He is now an usher in the church, is learning to play the drums.
Peter is a young man with a lot of potential and an encouragement to us missionaries.

Bolivia-SEAN reading and learning

Abe Harder, Pastor
Villa Nueva Church, Bolivia

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