Nahuatl scripture making a difference

The Aztec team are excited about distributing more audio devices containing the Nahuatl Scriptures. A total of about 60 Proclaimers for use in groups and 50 Megavoices, which are smaller units for use by families or individuals have been distributed.
There are lots of testimonies of people coming to know the Lord through listening to the Word in this way. Hilario shared news of six families that have been impacted by their ministry. An extended family of eight adults, plus children is now attending Hilario’s church, having first heard the Good News via a Proclaimer. A man in Mecayapan who owns a business with a public announcement loudspeaker, regularly connects up the Proclaimer and treats the whole town to a portion of Scripture in Nahuatl. The Mexican missionary involved in this ministry is very encouraged by the level of interest among the folks in Mecayapan and Tatahuicapan.
The other fellows that were part of the translation team we worked with seem to be encouraged, sharing comments about how fulfilling it is to see people benefitting from all those years they put into the translation.
We plan to visit the Aztec team in September. Our hope is to encourage them and listen to their joys and challenges. We know there are computer issues that need to be addressed. We are also looking forward to time with Mexican friends.


Chris and Elaine Hurst
Wycliffe Bible Translators (retired)
Nahuatl language group – Mexico
Home church: Hepburn Gospel Church, Sask.

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