Scott & Patsy Buhler

I am sitting in our 8,000 square foot home as I write this to you! No, we didn’t suddenly strike it rich; we are in transition, temporarily living in the Panapana! It literally takes an hour to sweep our “living room”! We’ve been having some good laughs about this being the largest house we will ever live in!
Here are a just a few of the changes we are facing:

At Quest:
Our office and storage container have been moved to the camp, meaning that Quest is now all in one place!
Rentals of the Panapana are starting in July, meaning income for Quest!
Ken and Alicia have arrived. Eden and Isa Federolf arrive in November. The team is growing!
Carol is officially moving on, getting married and living elsewhere.

At home:
We are working towards building a small cabin on Quest’s land to live in as a couple.
Hannah is moving to Canada in July.
We are empty-nesting and downsizing.
We will be making a brief trip to Canada to bring Hannah. It will be a time to focus on being parents!
We are recovering from burnout and trauma.
Recently at a pre-teens retreat, we were reminded of the importance of setting boundaries for kids. I, Patsy, was helping Carol run the activities at the retreat. There was a 12- year old girl that just decided to be contrary! You know the kind! I happened to be the one to confront her on her attitude. Lovingly, firmly I told her that it would not be accepted. Throughout the weekend, I had two more run-ins with her. I maintained the firmness, and at the same time, tried to converse and relate with her. I imagined that I was her least favorite person that weekend! Sunday morning, after Carol spoke, she invited those who wanted prayer to come forward. I spent some time in prayer with several campers. When I was ready to sit down, guess who jumped up and came running to me? You guessed it, THE girl! She hugged me fiercely and told me that she really liked me and asked me to pray with her! In the end, God gave me the privilege of leading her to Himself through prayer. Praise God that His Kingdom is contrary to the world in which we live. For those of you who have children, please, for your kid’s sake and security, give them boundaries!
Please pray for Hannah as she transitions to life in Canada. She is finding it very difficult to leave her life and friends behind in Brazil. At the same time, she is happy to be moving into a basement suite with her brother Caleb, knowing that her other brother Muki and wife Ana are upstairs. It’s as close to home as she’ll come! She will be stopping off in Toronto on her way into Canada for a one-week re-entry camp for Missionary Kids called Reboot. We trust that this experience will be very helpful to her.
We depend on your prayers! How they have become precious to us. We are so grateful for all of you who write and let us know that you are carrying us in prayer. God’s absolute richest blessings on each and every one of you!


Scott and Patsy Buhler
Executive Director/ Quest
Home church: Niverville Community Fellowship, Man.

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