Travis Harms

This last while, we spent a lot of time traveling to Nelson House, York Landing and Split Lake to hold Bible camp promotional events. In between all these events, we worked hard to prepare Midway Bible Camp facilities for the summer.
Throughout the fall and winter we had been talking about ways to increase the attendance at the youth group in Nelson House. We talked with community leaders in Nelson House and they were very gracious to us to allow us the use of their new multiplex facility, completely free of charge. God is good!
We BBQ’d hotdogs, played games, and gave out lots and lots of camp forms to anyone who asked. We also talked to a few youth who are interested in the SALT program at camp this summer. We hosted similar events in York Landing and Split Lake.
I also spent some time with a work group from the Gospel Fellowship Church in Steinbach, Man. They are an amazing help in prepping the camp for summer. We did some “timber framing” in getting this frame tent rebuilt – a challenging and fun project!
Also in the schedule this past month was Family Camp. James Thiessen from Arborg, Man. came and served as the speaker. He was fun to listen to and he challenged us on serving God with our families and ordering our lives properly. When we keep God first, family second and work third in our lives, we experience God’s joy because this is how He designed us to be.
Please pray for us this summer. Camp is a very exciting opportunity. The kids in Nelson House have been asking about Bible Camp for months now. Pray that God would show up in ways we cannot imagine or understand and that many campers would come to know Jesus. Pray also for the staff that we would all become a little more like Him as we trust Him daily!

Travis Harms
Community ministry / mentor
InterAct Ministries / Midway Builders
Thompson, Man.
Home church: Altona EMM Church, Man.

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