Generations Sana – Venezuela

After three years of prayer about visiting Venezuela, I obeyed the Lord and made plans to go. It was an open door like a Macedonian man saying come and help us. God is faithful he took us and he returned us.

I traveled in the company of three pastors from Santa Cruz, Bolivia who also believed in the ministry and trusted the Lord. This became a great blessing for the Generación Sana (Healthy Generation) congress, and also on visits to the pastors and the churches we were able to meet with.

Our host Pastor Alexandri Hernandez is a member of RIMI. He was responsible for all the logistics of our trip and organizing the Generación Sana event, and the various meetings with pastors and churches.

What I see in Venezuela is a spiritual and physical hunger, an emotional need, and a desperate desire to find a way out of the various problems they are facing. The Venezuelan people are totally discouraged and nearly destroyed by political mis-management. Young people have no hope of a better future, and families are disintegrated by the migration of more than seven million people who have fled the country. Professionals and businessmen have lost their jobs. An average salary that people receive is four dollars which is not enough to buy a kilogram of meat. In short, Venezuela needs us now.

Pastor Alexandri has always told us that now is the time to work in Venezuela and now I can prove that it is time to sow in that nation.

We arrived planning for a congress of 300 young people, but the demand was higher. We added room for 500, and then 700. People kept insisting and we finally closed the doors with 1152 young people present. The hunger of the young people for the Word was evident. Although the event was ending they kept asking questions and asking for prayer for their needs.

Pastors and leaders have been impacted by the Generación Sana vision because our focus is to prepare young people spiritually for the future. It is to transfer the legacy now before losing that generation. Pastors from other departments arrived to see the possibility of making Generación Sana seminars available throughout the country, to sow hope into young people instead of losing young people because of migration to other countries

We also met with organizations of pastors from different parts of the city to pray for them and listen to the various needs they are facing. One thing they face is the departure of people from their churches because of the crisis. They have had to leave the country. Therefore economic income has fallen. They have also stopped doing nighttime activities because of the danger involved. There is a lot of concern that the people from their churches that are outside the country do not find work and are suffering, so they ask us to help the people from there who are in our countries.

Our challenge is to continue supporting Venezuela, both young people and pastors, to stay encouraged in the middle of the crisis. The idea is to train young people in different parts of the country so that they can do the Generación Sana replica in different places. We see the need to return to Venezuela at least twice a year to continue with this vision, until consolidating the leadership teams for this plan. We will also be mentoring pastors who are joining RIMI, pastors who have been orphaned by the departure of missionaries and abandonment of their leaders.

Our challenge now to raise the economic budget we need for these projects, we will be praying to the Lord to provide what we need for this great work in Venezuela.

May God bless their lives and do not forget to pray for Venezuela in their churches, we also pray for our Generación Sana ministry because many countries want to be blessed by this move. Our grateful thanks to the people who have believed in us and prayed for us over the years.

In the love of Christ

Rubén Mercado

Santa Cruz Bolivia


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