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There is much optimism in MEM’s ministry among the Low German Mennonite people in Bolivia. It is rewarding to see the ongoing development in the communities of Villa Nueva, now nearly 15 years old, and the much younger Hacienda Verde near the city of San Jose de Chiquitos.

There is excitement in the families and individuals as they become part of the communities. And there is also the reality that they must look for new employment opportunities or start with farming or business ventures. In their search for a new life, many families arrive in these communities with meager belongings and very little by way of assets.

Along with spiritual guidance and economic supports, MEM believes that training future leaders is a critical element in helping these communities move forward. Education of the children, and the parents who request it, continues to be a high priority and that comes at a cost.

The MEM Board and the field staff appreciate your ongoing prayer and financial support. May God bless you for your faithfulness.

Parents in Villa Nueva and Hacienda Verde in Bolivia know the value of education for their children. For many, life has been difficult and finances are a struggle. Most parents are paying what they can, but are not able to support their families and pay for the full cost of sending their children to school.

These families and communities are exploring a number of initiatives to improve their economic situation.

Assisting with tuition costs is a practical way of helping MEM with the cost of training future leaders of these communities.

Tuition costs per student are about $1,600 (CDN) per year.

  1. Give an amount you feel God asking you to give.
  2. Provide a one-time gift of $1,600 to cover the tuition costs of one student.
  3. Provide a recurring, monthly gift of $135 to cover the tuition costs of one student.

YOU CAN GIVE to either Villa Nueva school or Hacienda Verde school support online at or send your cheque to:

757 St. Anne’s Rd
Winnipeg MB
R2N 4G6

MEM, (Misión Evangélica Menonita), is an outreach ministry of the Evangelical Bergthaler Mennonite Conference (EBMC) out of La Crete, Alberta, and the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference (EMMC) with offices in Winnipeg.

More information is available under the missions tab at, or by contacting
Abe Giesbrecht, Missions Director, EMMC at


To get the pdf version for print us click here.

If the needs for this project are met the MEM Board reserves the right to use those additional funds where they determine they are needed most.

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