God’s faithfulness extends

Tami Zacharias
International Leadership Development
Digital Learning Manager
Operation Mobilization
Port Colborne, ON

 Photo; Designing the Regional Leadership Training (RLT) Course. Tami, Minna (Finland), Franklyn (South Africa), Radu (Romania). 

I was a little nervous about my involvement with the Senior Leaders Course (SLC). However, God’s faithfulness extends even to my nerves! I enjoyed teaching sessions on job descriptions, appraisals, training and learning organizations for participants serving in Brazil, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Namibia and across Europe. I was deeply impressed by these leaders and how God is working in and through them. Thanks for praying! I will continue my involvement as part of the core team for this course. 

 Whave started to design the next course in OM’s leadership development ‘pipeline’ – Regional Leadership Training (RLT) – focused on equipping mid-level leaders. We had our first set of onsite meetings as a team in the USA in June and they went very wellWe spent a lot of time considering who the training is for and how that impacts our curriculum design. We also discussed design principles, the best order for the training topics, and how to build online courses. As all the group members are new to this kind of project, I am also training them as we go. We continue to meet and work virtually. Please keep praying for us in this process. 

 For the first time in OM’s history, we are looking closely at our training in relation to our mission to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. Who is it for? What should it contain? How should it be delivered? To answer these questions and more, we have formed a Training Task Force with a variety of subgroups. I was asked to lead the design, delivery and implementation group, which is intended to support the other groups focused on specific training topics such as mentoring, onboarding or spiritual formation. Considering our context (90+ nationalities working in 100+ countries plus a ship) and all the implications of that, training has many opportunities and challenges. We are meeting face-to-face in Germany in December to look specifically at training outcomes. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for this project that will continue into 2020. 

 Prayer & Praise 

∙ Pray for the Training Task Force: wisdom, discernment, good teamwork  

∙ Praise God for the Regional Leadership Training team meetings. Keep praying for our team!  

∙ Pray for my studies: focus, a learning orientation, and the ability to apply what I learn in practice  

∙ Pray for more technical support team members for the online learning team 

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