It was evident

Tony and Janet Ens
Northern Canada Evangelical Mission
Member Care Coordinators / Outreach Ministry
Whitehorse, YT

It was evident that much prayer covered this week in Pelly Crossing. The youth group from BC was well prepared and had servant attitudes and love for the kids. The community was so welcoming. One lady brought stew for all the kids and the team. There were 14 kids the first day, and 32 the fourth day. On the day with 32, the recreation assistant walked in, looked around and exclaimed, “This is lots of kids. Some of them aren’t even from Pelly!”

We were also thrilled that one of the 16 year-old summer rec workers was at every club. He participated in the songs and games, and hung out with the youth group several times. When Janet asked him what he thought of the week, he replied, “I enjoyed it. Last night I was lying in bed and the song we’ve been singing kept running through my head.” The team gave him a Bible and the Hope DVD.

We did not do a formal adult ministry but focused on visiting. A lady was totally surprised when she opened her door to see Janet there. Soon she was sharing that she was considering suicide. There is so much hurt and grief and need for the hope of Jesus.

For our son Brett, April and May were months of flaring symptoms and lots of pain because of Lyme Disease. Shortly before our SK trip we weren’t even sure if Brett was doing well enough to be home without at least one of us. Then he began to improve; much less pain, increased energy. What he is all able to do now feels crazy compared to the past number of years. Brett has been driving, walking the dog, attending church, doing some errands on his own, and up to having company for longer periods of time. His progress is such that he is connecting with an agency which assists people with disabilities in finding employment that fits their abilities.

We are so thankful for the faithful financial support from so many over the 27 years we have served with NCEM. The past year, there have been a few churches who needed to reduce or stop their support. Some individual supporters have gone to be with the Lord. As a result, our support level has dropped. Our average donations over the past 12 months were about 54% of what NCEM sees as full support.

We are asking ourselves how to best use our time and energy in the months to come. It would be ideal if someone from Pelly Crossing would catch the vision and commit to teaching the Bible to children on a regular basis.

Together with Pastor Harrison, we are discerning what will our involvement with the Northern Collective Church plant look like. There are opportunities to be involved in areas of eldership and leading a small group.

The job description of Member Care Coordinators with NCEM is still a work in progress. It became apparent during Leadership Week that there are specific areas where member care can be further developed. One is when a missionary resigns or retires, and we have been encouraged to research that. There is also work in continuing to develop NCEM’s member care for all missionaries.

Did you know …
• Tony will be resume holding weekly chapels at Whitehorse Correctional Centre in September.
• Janet is working 10 hours a week in the office of the Salvation Army.

Please pray for…
• Continued wisdom and patience for Brett with his new energy levels
• God to call some from the BC team to work or ministry in the north.
• God’s continued work in the lives of the children who came to club.
• Wisdom for how we might do follow up to the week in Pelly.
• Our monthly support needs.
• Us to continue to grow in our role of Member Care Coordinators.

Photos: Tribal Trails* was up in July taping interviews for future programs.

Bannock and hot dogs over the fire
* Tribal Trails is a TV ministry based out of Prince Albert, SK seeking to bring the Message of Hope to everyone who will tune in, but particularly to North America’s First Peoples.

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