Thanksgiving is not Limited

Carolyn Wiebe
Children’s Ministry Director
Winkler EMMC, Manitoba

I was reminded this week that thanksgiving is not limited to a day or season, but is an attitude of gratitude in which we should take time to express our thankfulness and appreciation for the big and small, every day. Today, I am thankful for the gifts of life and health, and the blessing of family and meaningful relationships. That God would sacrifice His only Son to save me is something for which I am thankful every day; that He has given me an opportunity to serve Him in a way that can make a difference in the lives of others is a gift that I do not wish to squander, and choose to be thankful for, every day!

The photo in the attachment is taken at the place of my summer retreat, a place of soul care and rest. The sunsets over the lake are always a stunning display of God’s handiwork!

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