Resourcing our Churches

October is Pastor Appreciation month. As you consider tangible ways to show appreciation to your pastor, please consider a gift to help us resource and support our pastors.

We have been assisting a number of churches re-start in 2019. Through intentional conference and regional assistance these churches are returning to health.

In May 2019 Henry and Tina Redekopp were commissioned as full-time pastor couple in the Mennonite Gospel Church in Vauxhall Alberta. They have been instrumental in bringing healing and hope to the congregation. Attendance has more than doubled. Now the sanctuary is near capacity. In November 2019 they expect to go to dual services!

In September 2019 Aron and Annie Wiebe were commissioned as full-time pastor couple in the Blenheim EMMC in Ontario. God has been at work in the lives of this first-time pastor couple and in the life of the Blenheim EMMC. With your help we are able to provide these congregations the help they need to bring these valued shepherds into their midst.

Goal $25,000.




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