Farewell leader, mentor and friend

It was September 1, 2009 when Kellin Friesen started in his role as Youth Pastor at Altona EMM Church. Little did Kellin or the church realize the impact his ministry would have over the next 10 years. Reflections of that ministry time were shared at his farewell on January 5, 2020.
The casual evening, hosted by Marv Letkeman gave opportunity for individuals to share their memories of Kellin. The theme that rolled through the evening was his passion and compassion for people – not just the youth, but for all age groups in the congregation and community.
As Kellin grew in the ministry, so did the relationships with the youth and others in the congregation. Many present and former youth group members shared of their appreciation for the time Kellin spent with them and his willingness to truly listen to their heart and show compassion and care.
When asked to provide two highlights of his ministry time in Altona, he responded: “Being able to lead various mission trips locally (VBS Team ministry in St. Laurent, Manitoba) and abroad and seeing youth use and discover their gifts and talents to serve the Lord. Another highlight would be all the people I have been able to work with, and alongside over the years. The amazing group of leaders I have had the chance to work with and train and develop. The amazing people in our youth that have changed me and become part of my story and allowed me to become part of their story, to help disciple them in our youth programs. The staff that have mentored me and encouraged me along the way. And the many people in the church that have been such a blessing to us.”
In addition to his responsibilities at the Altona church, Kellin also was involved with the EMMC Treasured Foundation planning committee, being the chair of the last two events. He also served on the EMMC General Council, and was a representative on the Steinbach Bible College board.
Many people came forward to express their thanks, share a memory, an encouragement or a story. It was clear that a strong bond had developed over the years, and one that would not soon be forgotten.
As the congregation said farewell to Kellin, Tami, Paxton, Tegan and Maislyn, they sent them with their prayers of dedication and blessing.

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