Final Message: Overcoming

The annual Prayer Band banquet is a highlight for many at Glencross Church. It is held the first Monday in December and is a time of good food, fellowship, music and a message. It is also the evening when the Prayer Band participants discover who has been praying for them all year (if they have not guessed it by then). After the meal there is opportunity to join the Prayer Band for the next year. Participants write their name and some information about themselves such as birth date, hobbies and interests on a slip of paper which is then put in a basket from which each picks someone to secretly pray for throughout the coming year. Many choose to send cards and small gifts from time to time as well.
Some of us were wondering when this Prayer Band began. It seems it has been going for at least close to 50 years and began with the Ladies Group who drew names to secretly pray for another lady, then had a banquet at year end where the prayer partners were revealed. After a while the ladies began to invite their husbands to come to the banquet and some of them wanted to start a Men’s Prayer Band. Now we have one band for the men, one for the ladies and an annual banquet together. The banquet is open to all adults though the exchanging of names for the Prayer Band is optional.
Sunday, December 29, 2019 was a bittersweet day for us at Glencross Church. Peter Redekopp who has served us for about seven and a half years has felt the call to move on and he preached his final Sunday morning message as our pastor.
Conference Pastor Allen and Anita Kehler were in attendance. Allen spoke to us using Joshua 1. He talked about the church being resilient and it will move forward because of our confidence in God Who does not change. God is in charge and He is resilient. Allen then prayed a prayer of blessing for Peter as well as for the church.
Pastor Peter spoke on Overcoming. He acknowledged that life is full of storms, battles and challenges and he himself has faced many in the last few years. However, God will build His church as the verse Matthew 16:18, written on the outside of Glencross church states. God often builds with broken, burnt and bruised stones and is building a city, New Jerusalem, with living stones, where He will dwell. As an illustration he explained the Japanese art of kintsugi where broken pottery is restored, made beautiful and more valuable by repairing it with gold dust and resin. God rebuilds, mends and restores the broken which is then better than before. The process is difficult but we can trust Him to redeem what is broken.
All were invited to a noon meal which some members of the church had prepared
After the meal, there was a time of sharing and Pastor Peter was presented with an engraved watch. We at Glencross will miss him and we give our blessing as he moves on to another pastoral position.

photo by Jenn Klassen

Martha Klassen

Glencross Mennonite Church, Man.

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