What a change!

Treasured Foundation 2019

We had the privilege along with 20 of our Senior Youth to attend TF 2019. Our prayer for the conference was along with the fun we knew our youth were sure to have, that it would be a life changing experience for our youth, drawing them closer to Jesus.
A highlight for many of the youth, as shared during our ‘God Stories’ times were the many experiences they had while on service opportunities. From seeing what it was like to walk around downtown Winnipeg as a homeless person, to playing games, singing and visiting with elderly in care homes, or preparing food in Winnipeg shelters, every youth shared the joy they had in serving. A reminder that we are not to keep the love of Jesus to ourselves, but to give it away like we’re made of it!
As a youth leader it is so exciting to see youth have an “ah ha” moment and have a spiritual concept ‘click’ in their hearts. Many of our youth were challenged by the messages we heard. Who do you follow? How do we live? What do we say? And where do we go? A lot of youth have carried these questions back with them. In conversations we’ve been able to have with our youth since TF, many have shared with us a desire to make changes in their lives. Things like leaving old habits behind and creating new ones, along with one of our youth asking questions about baptism. We pray that the seeds sown during our time at TF will continue to bear much fruit in the weeks and months to come. We encourage you to continue to pray for the many youth who were able to attend Treasured Foundation. Pray that what they have learned will not be stolen from them, but that they would continue to grow, the truths they learned rooting deep within their hearts, as their character begins to look more and more like Jesus, each fully embracing their mission!
Another highlight for the youth was the praise and worship we were led in as we began each session. It was incredible to us as leaders to see nearly 300 youth from all over, come together and join in one song, voices blending and praises being lifted to heaven. One youth whispering it was the first time they had felt something spiritual.
We are so proud of our youth for taking a step in faith coming along with us to TF. In the short few days we were there, we saw youth able to overcome fears and anxieties, make new friendships with youth from other groups, and reach out and ask for prayer as they learn to trust Jesus more.

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